They say…

“If you want to fly, you must give up everything that weighs you down”.

Those are the words from my ever favorite Michelle Phan.  She is just an inspiration to everyone. (You can have more of her on her Youtube Channel)

The feeling of being loss,  being lazy, the feeling of uncertainty, life sucks sometimes.  I usually do, specially now that there were so many things in my mind. Many things that I need to fix.   With this kind of feeling, it sometimes so frustrating. It is so overwhelming.  Staying busy is the only way to cope with my anxiety.  Depression might be so damaging and never allow it to happen to me. Not in this lifetime.  I was once a genuine and full of life, but because of some people surrounding me, I changed a bit and eating the real me, it should not happen. I have to claim back the goodness of me.


I worked and I chased for my dreams. I love what I am doing and I don’t have any complaint about it.  I am not in particular bless with material things, but it’s totally fine, I  tried to  be contented with what I have.  For the past years I was confronted with a situation where a special person of my life need to choose between money and me, and sadly, he chose the former. Maybe that was one of many reasons why I tried to work hard and even decided to work away from home. I thought then, money sometime makes life so exciting.  I am not really drawn to material things, but I understand what money can do in a number of ways.   “Money they say can buy happiness, but if there is one thing I am pretty sure I wish I have more of, it’s TIME.  TIME to be with myself before I will loss myself.”  That realization brought me closer to the people I worked with.  However, with the turns of event,I chose to be home again to pursue my life long dream.  My dream to becoming a lawyer.   Success is a journey not a destination, so I worked hard to make things happen and the story began when I left my home for six months to take another review  class. Before then, I met people along the way, welcoming them in my life, but, still, not everybody who came to our life, wanted to stay, when I came back, he chose not to stay, and it’s painful. My life can only take not that much. So moving on is my only option.  Well, this is not just about heart breaks but more on some misunderstood events in life that left me with so many questions.  It sums up everything. It became hard for me to put myself again to where I used to, and I ended up complaining.   But, I guess it’s normal to have such feeling, but we need to get out from that, be productive and motivated in many ways.

My own way of making things right and still on my healing process:

  1.  Acceptance to the Reality- because not everything I wish will be mine, not everything I  hope for will be realized.
  2. De-cluttering and try to do things with love and passion
  3. Venture to another passion – for me I tried to cook another menus and to practice how to make some cocktails, but for now, I am collecting some wines, whiskeys, vodka (because some are really expensive and I don’t have much to afford it hehehe 🙂
  4. Try to do dirty things such as gardening because one of the most beautiful feeling of contentment comes from the simplest thing.
  5. Enjoy work and pleasure because it always comes together if you really value and love your job
  6. Smile
  7. Let the mind rest
  8. Face the mirror everyday, and tell yourself you are so beautiful

It’s not to late to start over, I have to make sure I had enough time to make things better and not just drawn and eaten by my insecurities and uncertainties, now, I understand why some people are not at ease with their own skin, each one of us has its own struggle to face. After few weeks of not going to our small Farm Cottage, I realized how important it is for me, for us and for the whole family, and I have to fight for it to keep it as a remembrance from our parents, now I know where I could take refuge to be with myself, it is where I know my heart belongs for the longest time.  Opportunities may knock in the future, but I know where I gonna settle. Found to have a peaceful mind. For the past six months I disconnected myself from many things, now, I am back to reconnect, I lost some people along the way, got hurt, and left broken, but I have to rest, confront my ego.  I should be reminded that the trials I went through, the heart breaks, the past failures and struggles, every experience, good or bad, molded me of what I am today, but should not control me, I know I am a better person, better than anyone I know because  I am loved by some unconditionally.  They are just waiting for me.  I am so excited to face again another morning, having started to heal the pain, getting ready for another blessing that may come.  Life is too short, I should not be miserable.


I have to face the pain, the frustrations, unlike before, I am ready to face the risks, because this place where I once disconnected number of times, embraced me again, my friends and family never left me during the most important struggles of my life. The people I left behind are my precious gifts.  I have so much in life.  I should remind myself of that.


For now I am looking forward to seating in a corner, being idle, and a cup of coffee that makes my life a little bit exciting (Gash I am dreaming to have my own coffee maker for capsules).  As my favorite person in this world had said, even life seems so tough, my child like spirit never died, I found the very thing  that will takes me to a happy place, it is only in my HEART (my own passion and contentment), well for some, it might be in motorcycles, firing, writing, photography, engaging in their own profession, whatever it is,  finding that special thing will help me move forward. My new inspiration. There are so much to be thankful everyday (Well,convincing myself after all the pains).  We all have our own story to tell, and we are always part of something beautiful.  So, let me reiterate this again, “Don’t settle to for a happy ending…..because to be continued is a way more fun.” 🙂 😀

My next to do thing in the future, dreamer as I am, to have my own Vlog.   Tsk tsk tsk, maybe I have to invest to some good camera lens.


“It’s OK Not To Be OK”

This might be the easiest way to acceptance and healing.  For the past months, I was confined to chasing and fulfilling my dreams.  It was something that I really wanted to do, it was the one I was preparing for years and it was the one that made me moving.  But just recently for some unknown reasons which I cannot exactly pinpoint, I came to realized some uncertainties…uncertainty of everything, may it caused by midnight crisis that I really need to face  because few years from now, I will hit the magic age, where they say, life begins, or it may because of the frustration? or the feeling of fright because of the impending results of my BAR Exam which  might probably come out in the next couple of months before the second half of the year.  Those thought is holding myself back and leave me the feeling of negativity.  This is not me, I know, I am not a pessimist person, but how can I help it  for now, when first and foremost I felt so being used, heartbroken.  I never mean to fuel this negative thoughts, but I wish this will be the start of getting back and liberate myself from all the pains, frustrations and heartbroken.


Writing down my concerns always makes me feel so liberated.  For almost two years I never have tried to make a blog because of my Bar Review last year, and I have to focus on that.  And just yesterday I came with the terms with my very own emotions which I am afraid to acknowledged.  Yes, I just said, I was frustrated, because some people are just tried to be with me yet just leave without any trace of goodbyes.  I popped some questions on myself to help me free from the trap of searching the answers which I know will somehow hurt me.



Why me???WHY???

Why he is so rude and so insensitive?

How could I forgive? forget? and eventually move on?

The answers might heal me or I might take the different path. But hopefully, I just wish, this will be a start of healing.  Actually, this is what my favorite blogger wrote, Heartbreak Manifesto by Bianca King.

HEY!! This should be over! I am mature enough to handle things and I should be mature enough to let this things pass and still be positive and forgiving.  Lesson learned: I should be very vigilant of letting any one to be part of my life, because the truth is, not everybody want to stay in my life. And it is a sad reality again.

I already acknowledge the fact that now, I am in the state of emotional stress. I dwell myself to reading some books that I purchased at the National Bookstore before the year ended.  It is a form of a gift for me.

I really want to be away for a while, to have a form of personal space so I could fully integrate everything but schedules sometimes suck.  There are so countless excuses. But I am afraid to face it.  My life, though far from perfect was so amazing then.  I have a strong support system that keep me moving, but how I wish people also recognize the sensitive me, the me, which longed for someone to talk to and somehow who will answers all the questions in my head.  I wish people will know I am not strong as I appear to be.  But its tough, because no one knows what I need to cope or deal with.  Not everybody could understand.  I am loss emotionally, and I want to get out from this pain, because that is the right thing to do. This is the moment when I can only say, I CAN DO NOTHING. I was betrayed and I have this agony of waiting.  I have so many great friends, but then, even though they are always here for me, there is nobody to pick me up after this mess, I know it long before and I should have apply it to myself.  There are so many choices in life, and there are so many struggles to face, the pain that need to endure, but I still want to make a better version of myself after this things, and I am so looking forward of meeting myself again.


I wish in the next few months from now, I will be able to gather the fruits of all my hard work. I like to believe I will get it and now I am claiming it.  Lord, just be with me though.

I am trying to be OK, but it’s pretty exhausting pretending to be strong and not feel upset, because I am not really in good shape. I guess It’s Ok Not To Be Ok sometimes, but I have to keep going even it takes me very slowly doing it.

The feeling is so vague, it is still very  painful.  🙂  🙂 ..Yes painful as it is.. I bought some books recently, downloaded some videos and movies.  I have to CRY, cry to every words that I will read, cry to every movies that  I watch and cry in my silent prayer.  Every night and every waking morning, I pray that this things shall pass easily. I really want to wake up having my heart healed.   That after this all the struggles, I could see the reasons behind, it takes so much patience, I do not  know how long,  but I just keep on praying.  I tried not to hide my feelings unlike before, and I wish every words that have came out from my mouth should mean losing parts of my pain.  I have to fight what is important to me.  Because there are so much to be thankful, waking up in the morning is always something that I should be thankful to God.  I am alive and I have a big chance of attaining my dreams. I know i DESERVE BETTER.  I just have to let this come to me, just like I deserve to be LOVED by a man God prepares for me..This is me!My struggles and my pains. My inspiration to live, to laugh and to love.

What’s your story?




Allow me to start my blog with this quote from Neil Gaiman:

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.  Because if you are                             making  mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things,                              learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself,  changing the world.                       You’re doing things you’ve never done before.  And more importantly,                                 you’re doing something.”   

Each day in my life, I was confided with different struggles and challenges and I am not an exception when few weeks ago I kept on complaining on so many things, even the smallest one. It’s a brand new year .  What is good about having a new year is we could ponder and reflect all the wonderful things that happened for the past year, and may learned from it. There might be sour times, but it’s a good way of making things right.  Then, hey, I realized, life is too short, I should not let those that made me feel so less important ruin a second of my day. And, girl, I tried to follow this routine of mine for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

1.  Wake Up Early – I am not an early person, because most of the time, I enjoy the night alone at our living room doing the things I love to do while drinking my favorite coffee or my tea.  But then, being an early riser help me to plan my day ahead while not in a hurry and enjoy some cuddling moments with the kids at home.  Remember the best day in our life is to be with the people we love, nothing else matter.


Note: The photo was taken not in my room.

2.  De -Cluttering.  Cleaning is my way of de-stressing and nothing could beat the feeling of satisfaction having your closet and your room in order.  I have started my de-cluttering for the past few weeks and until now, I have’nt finish it yet, not because I have so much stuffs to get rid of, but I have only few hours to do it because of my busy schedule, but I am on my way of fixing those things,  letting go of those which I don’t really needed and keeping those that still matters and useful.  That’s how life is and that’s how it should be. ❤ ❤ <3..

3.  Do What Your Heart Desire.  The most wonderful thing in life is to enjoy what you are  doing. I do some oil paintings, but recently and it started with this blog, I started writing again. this is how I unload my thoughts, and this is how I could be free with so many things that was so uncertain in my life.  Writing is something that I love to do.  I got some books to read and it certainly what I am look forward to every night.  To read, read and read.


4.  PRAY. I have proven it million times. Talk to our Creator.  Unleash what bothers me, what makes me so afraid, my doubts and my fears.


5.  Budgeting.  IT is very important to know the value of budgeting, from my time, to the value of my money.  I tried to save portions of my very small salary for my health care, for my personal savings and for my emergency funds, not to mention for my travel and necessity.  How much left for me?  It is enough for my luxurious treat like food trip and my favorite shopping spree for the house.

6.  And Of Course Have A “Gyst” Day for Myself.  Yeeh. This is my “Me” time.


            The good thing is, we don’t need anyone to make us feel happy because we owe it to ourselves. Remember, we are so bless because we have lots of things to inspire us, every single moment is something that we should be thankful.  My life is so far from perfect, far from the material contentment, but as I write this blog, I need to stand because there is no other way nor any person who will help me to pass through this feelings.    I cannot, with all conviction, has the guarantee to continue this kind of mentality or lifestyle, but this is my personal struggles to acceptance, healing and forgiveness.

        Please be with me as I take the journey.



As I have always said, blogging has become my way of expressing myself, a kind of platform.  By this time, blogging is a way of expressing my gratefulness to the people who are always been a part of my life yesterday, today and tomorrow.   Some of them are Ilocanos, whom I met back then, but it was only during my recent trip in Ilocos Region where I truly appreciate them. Me and Maam Anamor Akil went to the unfamiliar place like an innocent children, with only one thing in mind. WANDERLUST! 😀

Traveling is one of the things I really love to do.  I just started my SAVINGS for my future trips.

Here are some photos from the memorable trip I had with Maam Anamor, which might be helpful for others for their future trips in Ilocos Region:


In going to the Bangui windmill, we got a tour package taking a tricycle from a local in Pagudpud which costs us P900.oo per person, but  if one thinks of an adventure, it is quite cheaper compare to other rentals since the whole package includes the subsequent tours as mentioned in the next pictures. We really enjoyed the trip in Bangui Windmills, since it was our first time to got the look of a windmill it was totally an awesome experience of having seen this gigantic structures , it’s like  dinosaurs (in Jurassic Films) you can see through the big trees and mountains around.  One can buy some souvenirs for a cheaper prices compared to Vigan.





Yes the famous Pagudpud Sinage and of course the breathtaking terrain and rice paddies. So, when are you coming to Ilocos Region.  You got to visit the place.  ❤ ❤

Ever since, Ilocos Region has always been on my “bucket list”, so when I decided to visit my friends in Manila, the region was been the top priority in my destination and putting into list to my itinerary every towns and municipalities of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, though I still have Laoag to venture in the next few years (we were not able to stay overnight at Laoag since we were so tired then and we need to go to Pagudpud before the night ends).  There are lots of budget travel options.


I have been through lots of places in the Philippines. OHh!!! quite not a stranger in my own country..well, SLIGHT 🙂 :-).  But heaven!!, this place is one of the MOST PICTURE PERFECT, AMAZING, HEAVENLY…I almost lost an appropriate adjectives to describe the place, but yes!!..over and over, I am willing to travel almost 10 to 12 hours just to get there.


Be adventuruous enough and experience the thrill of everyday life of the locals.  The people was so friendly and we have no fear of being nabbed.  Take chances and enjoy life.  But I am not saying that you need to spend every token of your salary to travel, just save an amount for it, and have the initiative to get a cheapest travel budget.  It’s all over the net or be among of the locals and talk to few people, learn their language and appreciate them.  Anyway, the whole package  took us a whole day, yet every corner of the place we were able to explore.  They have their own tariffa and it’s approved by the local government.







We got to meet a Cebuana souvenir vendors at Bangui.




The place reminds me of how true happiness could be found in simplicity. Its a choice though, yet, an hour or two in the place made me realize how blessed I am in my life.  Though, just like the path going to the beautiful rock  formation, there are rough terrains that we need to endure in order to see its beauty.  There are areas that are restricted but this is one way of preserving the place.  So be a law abiding citizen.

Going to Kapurawpurawan, it took us less than fifteen minutes taking another tricycle but this time, the tricycles are accreditted by the local government to take tourists to the site to prevent traffic.  It costs us less than P200.00 and another P15.00 for a maintenance fee of the area.  Still no problem with that amount.

IMG_0903           The Kapurpurawan rock formation is located on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It came from the Ilocano word “puraw” which means white.  The rock formation in Kapurawpuraw was sculptured  by different oceanic and weather forces through times.






















The tricycle driver religously took photos for us.  He is quite nice and very accommodating.




Even the small details are well preserve 🙂


The tour to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (of the Burgos Lighthouse) in Burgos, Ilocos Norte is among of the package offered to the locals.  It is quite know for many since some of the local movies and television series were shot in this beautiful place.  It is 35 kilometers from Laoag City with narrow two-laned road, but since we started our tour from Pagudpud, it’s quite few kilometers from the municipality.


Cemented Stairway going to the top of the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse



The famous Cape Bojeador Lighthouse- amazingly beautiful .The first time I got to see a lighthouse and it was really a very fantastic experience.






The place is very peaceful and fantastic with a very cold breeze blowing from the surrounding area and the ocean not far from the lighthouse.  It stands on top of A hill called Vigia de Nagparitan Hill, overlookign Cape Bojeador.  It was built 100 years ago and still functional- it signals to the ship as the entered the Philippine territory, it was made during the Spanish era and was very useful during that time.











The Patapat Viaduct of Pagudpud, Ilocost Norte is the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines which is 1.3 km.




In Hannah’s, there is the longest zip line over open air in the country that 1 km long ride.















I should say, one of the most perfect place I have into was in PAgudpud.  As a child, I learned to dreamt many things in life even chasing them until this time, but I also never stop looking for a place to visit.  Always enjoy life, the way it should be.  Never confined yourself in the four corners of your home or office and go out and explore the world.  Me, I don’t have enough money to back me up every trip that I had, but I always make sure that I allotted a percentage of my salary for that.  There nothing wrong in travelling, exploring things, and take an adventure.  Why not try few of the beautiful spots that we had?




Travelling is one of our greatest mentor in life.  Through travelling I learned the different traditions each family had and be able to adjust with it.


This blog is about fulfilling one’s dream, facing the challenges and appreciating God’s gift and keeping the best of the past. I set multiple of goals and hoping to accomplish for this year.

Every girl has the right to fulfill her dreams, and this time, and for the first time actually, I got the courage to be a backpacker in a place which is a total stranger to me,  but I needed the break and  be able to rekindle with the lost part of me.  I knew lots of Ilocano back then, it was a leap of courage to take an adventure with only a copy of few blogs with me.  It was a very liberating experience, and so proud of it.

Right after the 2016 Holy Week, my new travel buddy headed to Manila, a stop-over going to our dream trip, ILOCOS.  It is one dream trip that I listed in my bucket list, so I was so excited to take a plunge and be a backpacker for few days and  experience the history of the province, our first stop is Vigan,  “it is a  city located in the northwestern coast of Luzon in the Philippines.  Vigan is the capital of the famous Ilocos Sur province and have gained the name as the only UNESCO World Heritage City in the Philippines, and just recently  won as one of the New Seven Wonders Cities of the World.”  Having this in mind, I was so overwhelmed to pack all my things and ready for my first ever backpacker’s trip.


boarding pass going to Manila

The photos I posted hopefully encourages people to explore our own country, because we actually had a lot to offer.





What is remarkable about Calle Crisologo is how the people preserve the old houses. Motorcycles are not allowed only the “kalesa”. It’s a very beautiful place for me.


My new travel buddy, Anamor Akil at the Calle Crisologo,  Heritage Village in Vigan


We are so fortunate then that we decided to take that vacation right after the holiday since there were only few tourists flocking to experience and explore the province. Accordingly, there are 187 listed ancestral houses in the town.  The place is so interestingly amazing! 😀 😀   It was so early because we arrived at around 5:00 AM at Vigan City. After fixing ourselves, we went straight to the Heritage Village were famous houses are located.  The best advise I could give is be early, since there are only few tourists strolling the area if you come at around 5:00 AM.


When we think of Vigan we always associate it with Calle Crisologo. At first glance, I noticed that it is just a simple structure, but as we continue strolling the whole area, it made me realized the noblest life of the people in the simplest past. A friend of mine told me also that the best time to visit is during night time when the lamps are lit, but obviously during that time, I’m sure there are lots of tourists.


Here is the detail of our trip to Vigan.  Vigan City is located 408 kilometers away from Manila. From Cubao, we took the Partas Bus that took almost ten (10) hours trip. Since we never booked in a hotel, we decided to change our clothes and have some little freshen up at the Partas Bus Terminal.  We slept during the entire trip.   It was really a fun experience.

Note:  Fare for Partas Bus from Cubao to Vigan City is P645.00.

From Calle Crisologo, we hired  a tricycle which cost us P500.00 for a tour within Vigan. Though one can hire a “kalesa” for another kind of experience which cost P150.00/per hour.


At the famous Calle Crisologo, Heritage Village, Vigan City.  We started strolling around at around 5:30 in the morning and since there were only few tourists during early morning we were able to enjoy the whole place.  AMAZING!! The cobble-stoned street in Vigan is a journey to the colonial era.  During early morning, I never thought it would be that magical since we were able to enjoy the different changes of the sky that compliment the color of the houses.


The historical houses of Vigan specifically in the famous Calle Crisologo reminded me of the Spanish era, but the people were able to preserve the beautiful houses complete with horse carriages. It is simple, naturally old-looking, yet has survived the challenges of time.  The trip for me was so far the best historical trip I ever had.  It gave me enough understanding of my past, and the appreciation of preserving what has left for us.

Research has told me, the houses in this area were owned by some Filipino-Chinese traders whose families rose to prominence and wealth when clothing and trading industry at the Northern part of Luzon was at its peak.  Fortunately, for generations the people has preserved and maintained the place like it was before, with the Spanish architecture. Few of the old houses were converted into souvenir shops, coffee shops, restaurants and hostels.


According to some blogs, Calle Crisologo is at its worst during high noon because there are lots of tourists.  Fortunately in our part, we were able to enjoy the place for almost two (2) hours before we headed for breakfast. My tip is:  Come at dawn at around 4:30 AM until morning, its the best time.


The happiest moment while strolling at Calle Crisologo



Tips:  Souvenirs at Paoay and Laoag are quite expensive than Vigan and Pagudpud.  However, in Bangui Windmill area, we were able to buy some souvenirs, even the t-shirts at the cheaper prices.


The famous Basi Wine in Vigan



For me, checking and trying the cuisine is one I always consider when visiting a place.  Since I already had the the taste of some Ilocano foods, I simply want to have it cooked in its place of original, and Vigan never denied it from US. Funny but true, since I am a Jadine fan, I tried and asked the locals of the exact hotel where this famous couple stayed, thankfully, it was just within the area, Cosina Ilocana, where we had our breakfast.




I learned to savour the foods of the Ilocano, and during the trip, of course, I tried the best of what they have.

The Vigan longaganisa is a small and plump native sausage, good for about two or three bites and stuffed with lots of garlic.  Honestly, until now I cannot fully appreciate it but maybe after many tries who knows I will be able to love it.

Note: Vigan Empanada is different from Laoag Empanada, and I have tasted the latter. Laoag Empanada uses achuete so it has a very attractive color.  IT was my first time to have a taste of it, but I am looking forward to try over and over in the future.

The two Empanada’s of Ilocos have basically the same ingredients: rice flour for the crust with or without achuete and for the Laoag Empanada it uses an achuete; filling of egg and mongo sprout or parboiled mongo or grated green papaya for ordinary orders, and additional Ilocos longanisa for special.


And never forget the every famous Bagnet.  Bagnet is a pork belly meat in deep fried format and an Ilocano original and version of a lechon kawali.


vigan a



On of the most striking feature in this place is the bell tower, The Bantay Bell Tower standing in the beautiful  landscape hill nearby a church.  Like most of the bell towers, it served as the protector against the enemies during the World War I and World War II.

Have you remember the And Panday The Movie? this is where the ball of fire struck of one of the scene of the movie, and I cannot imagine I was standing right at this place. Uhhmmm…impossible dreams also do come true.  So never give up on your dreams.





View from the top of the Bantay Tower



A good view of the colorful cemetery from the top of the Bantay Tower.


I never got the best shot for one of Vigan’s prominent landmark, the ST. PAUL’s METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL.


The driver of the tricycle we hired generously toured us around without even telling him (actually Ilocos Region for me is the most friendly for tourists and backpackers), and he brought us to Vigan’s Pagburnayan, for some, it is the iconic pottery area in the city.  Most of the burnay jars are exported to other countries especially in some part of Europe.

pix 1

Abel is a traditional woven product in Ilocos Region specifically in Vigan.

Even before I am fascinated with colorful fabrics in Benguet, and since Vigan is also known of Abel Loom Weaving, I never failed to visit one of the Weaving Village in the City.  Abel is a traditional woven product in Ilocos Region.  The tradition is pass for generations to generations, in fact the antique furniture used for weaving is already considered an heirloom for some families.  And one will be surely amaze of how this people make this tradition and intrinsic part of their lives.







Vigan and the rest of the Ilocos Region for me is a perfect place to unwind, it has almost everything you wanted, from journey of the past, enjoying the beauty of nature to the beautiful resorts, yet, I myself had not anticipated this beautiful paradise.  At first glance  Hidden Garden, is just like a regular garden, but what is so amazing is we kept on discovering what is inside the garden. Yes, the name is perfectly a complete description of the place itself.    Note:  There is a restaurant at the Hidden Garden where the tourist could grab something to eat, from meals up to the snacks.







In every journey in life, I met different people who stayed with me through the years.  In this very important moment, I want to share some greatest journey I had with this wonderful people.  I owe a page of my blog to somehow share the best ever “not so special occasion” but created a memory of a lifetime.  I have great friends and they are among of those I cannot live behind. We live half a Philippines away, I got to see them usually once year, but my love for them never changed in a single.


They are my good friends, who were like a family to me. 545234_10200919072642698_280789733_n

It’s common knowledge that long distance relationships are difficult and most likely doomed, but for me, it is a chance to keep the bond stronger.  It is not easy but a challenge.

NOw that I am halfway away, I tried not to lose track with them. An honest and adult best-friendship can challenge you in ways for which you can never prepare. Like most friendships, the biggest hurdle in ours is being apart. And as I always said, I always feel so blest to have them in my life and I will never get tired to keep them in my lifetime.

Like many people, I’ve had to make the decision between a path of certainty and a path of the unknown and I chose the unknown. Even though I’m content with the decision I made and the road it’s taking me down, if I’d known back then that it would take me so far from the best friends I’ve ever had, I’m still not certain I would do it all again. In a way, being apart has made our connection stronger. It was hard when we were separated after I decided to transfer to my province,   but when we went our separate ways to find careers and lives of our own, we found that no distance could ever take away the home base that is our friendship.


IMG_1527          IMG_2234  Through time this people gave me so much joy.IMG_2233IMG_2230IMG_2228




I just read my EARLY THIRTY: My Realization and My Own Bucket List which I posted on August 2012.  It’s quite a long time that I listed some things that I needed to do and realized, I got few of them recently. We are in final months before ending the 2015 and next year will be another year to be added in my life (if God permits).   :V :V : V 😀  ….It seems that it was just recently that I tried to make some lists, actually I was just doing what other bloggers do when I posted that blog.  But hey!I kept it to myself hoping for adventures, inspirations, more dreams to realize and places to travel. 😎 😎

There were number of times when all I could do was to cry for some uncertainties, but every second of the day, God always reminded me how He turned every happenings into a blessing.  Not all the best gives me joy and happiness.  That is  very clear to me now.

I looked at the list I posted before and meditated how long or short I went after how many years of struggle.  I mentioned “struggle” because that was the time where I tried to pick up myself after few of many defeats.  And again, I am talking about defeat because I was totally down and hopeless then.  Having gone through my lists it reminded me I really did my best to make things happened and it really turns out what I really hope for.  As I mentioned before, God has its own way of doing trick to us. ❤ ❤ ❤

Having been away from my family for almost three years,  I learned the value of my parents.  Though the roller coaster ride of family relation is not that smooth but somehow, what I learned is making the most of my days with  them while they are already at their twilight years, and I could say I am bless enough to have it realized before I will regret. 😀 😀 😀

One of the biggest lessons in life is realizing there is no failure but the failure to stop trying. 

Here is my Personal Update of My Own Bucket Lists now that I am already at my 35th years of Existence (Based on my Previous Blog): ^_^   ^_^   ^_^

1.  STILL HAVE TO CONTINUE MY DREAMS OF BECOMING A LAWYERDONE NUMBER OF TIMES..and still pursuing my passion of becoming a lawyer…UNTIL NOW, I still don’t have the plans to stop the dream)..One of the biggest lessons in life is realizing there is no failure but the failure to stop trying. Never give up on your dream.

2. I WANT TO BECOME A CHEF.  uHHHMMM!!! Sounds so beyond what I used to dream.I love cooking and I love to share some foods.  Doing the platting is for me like doing a make up or decorating a home.  I need to put some love and passion and it feels so good to make other people happy because they were satisfied with the foods I am serving, and right now, I want to do more, to learn more.



4. CONTINUE BLOGGING. The only platform where I could share my thoughts and aspirations, preserving my emotions and smiles of the days that cannot be forgotten.  Blogging is one way of expressing and being with  myself.  I do not pretend to be what I am not, I don’t care what people might say.the important thing is, I am what I am and what will I want to be. For the past years, I embraced a number of different hobbies: gardening, oil and watercolor painting, handicraft making, cooking,uhhhmmm…and a once-in-blue moon trying hard on the job trainee in photography with my friend, Nog Bernido, just to name a few. All of them changed my outlook in life, but through blogging I could put all the words somethings which would likely described me.

“And while there are many articles written about why you should blog to grow your business or become an expert or make a whole bunch of money—the best recommendations are still found in the personal realization that blogging changes you, the writer.”(excerpt from a famous blogger, becomingminimalist)

5.  TO MAKE THE FARM COTTAGE A BIG FAMILY BUSINESS and the FARM COTTAGE SOUVENIRS AND GIFT SHOP a successful.  Farm Cottage is our parent’s legacy for us, and I want to make it big for them. (I used the Blackberry Z10 for this photo)

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