Even before the start of summer, I already planned to spend it enjoying and taking vacations. It is always one of the best season for me. So what’s all about my 2014 summer?

Taking the opportunity to enjoy my life, it seems the whole world just close to me like a door waiting to be opened.

I just took every opportunity…and there lies…waiting to be opened.

I am sharing few of the photos during my vacation from  Luzon to Mindanao.  EVERYTHING!!! :-)  <3 <3 …I am so excited !!! yahhhooooo!!!


10154420_649360128464188_4025526568058889601_n     My first visit to the crater of the famous Taal Volcano.  My summer may not be that perfect because I was away from my family, but I never skipped an opportunity to enjoy myself.





I brought my family here in Manila to spend the vacation with them.  Though the vacation was just short, but it was still worthy spending moments with them.



What is my summer is all about?  How far my learning go?

Maybe I mean everything…the love, the fun, the adventure, the wanderlust, the risk taking, everything…





I became  fearless with every adventures I tried,  I just realized I am after all good at it .DSC00677




I never realized how much I value the time I spent the days of my vacations.  I listed my wishlists in my bucket list, every now and then, everything seemed slowly unfold.  God is so good.  HE give me everything that I never thought I wanted before, but here it is!




I never thought I could go beyond the limits, but yes, I did! Rock Climbing and CLiff Jumping…









Giving myself a chance to be a model in the famous “NAKED ISLAND” in Surigao.DSC_0330









OH!!!I am just so overwhelmed to share all the selected photos during my vacations.










IMG_2952IMG_2989 IMG_2990 IMG_2991







Proud to pose above the Kayangan Lake.





Posing with the members of  Tagbanua Tribe in Coron, Palawan.


Coron is one of the best diving spot in the world with it’s majestic and stunning corals and it’s rich of diversity of marine life, but, some of those corals were badly destroyed by the Yolanda.




Parking is more fun in the Philippines…. :-)




IMG_3254IMG_3260      Entrance to the famous Twin Lagoon.  During low tide it serves as the entrance, however, during high tide you can use the ladder and have a free dive to be able to go to the second lagoon.  According to our tour guide, the deepest is 80 feet.


Encircled by gigantic limestone cliffs,what truly amazed me during my Coron adventure was the limestone formations that composed the islets.  Accordingly, there are different kinds of limestone that composed islands, one of those are coral limestone which is the composition of the island of Bohol, and here in Coron,it is said to be of  Permian limestone of jurassic origin.

More to discover some beautiful places in the Philippines.

What will be my next adventure?



One of the best vacation as to date was taking the break from my busy schedules and enjoy the moments.  A first I was skeptical of going to the vacation but I never regret a moment of going.

Greeted by the majestic landscape of the place, it is really a paradise here on earth. I never heard much about its beauty, but as I stepped down, why not figuring it out by myself. The experience, the sleepless nights did not disappoint me.  The only downside of going there was leaving my cards empty.DSC_0002











DSC_0863    Socorro in Surigao is the home of the stingless jellyfish..






The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustus

Almost seven (7) years ago, Agusan del Norte has been a part of my heart, no doubt I have good memories on the place, but honestly, then, I was not amazed with the vibrant beauty of the place not until I spent almost 5 (5) days and four (4) nights IN THIS VERY AMAZING CARAGA REGION.

I love travelling, exploring different kinds of adventures.

I decided to collect landscape shots from my travel which I took personally without having it edited, using my SONY Digital Camera and at this travel, using the borrowed Nikon D3100.

Let me share some landscape photos that I really chose for my blog and for my coffee table book.


          The view of Butuan City from the plane.

Butuan is the commerce capital of Caraga Region. Though it’s not that urbanized and industrialized if compared to other cities, yet for me it’s one of the most inviting place to visit. The moment we gone out from the arrival area of the airport, I was stunt by the rice fields in the area. I grew up in a little province of Bohol, and Caraga is one of the best place I’ve gone.

There is no need for a filter to see the beauty of the landscapes of CARAGA Region.



4     Port Going to the Bucas Grande, Socorro, Surigao del Norte

DSC_0696       Dilapidated boat that caught my attention as we stepped from the boat.  It’s actually became a subject for a photograph.

DSC_0700    There are islets in Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.  Paradise hidden in paradise as i described it.  Words are not enough to fully described the hidden beauty of the place, thanks God it is still not commercialize.  I am crossing my fingers the next generation will be able to see it’s beauty and enjoy it, because as far as I have noticed, mountains around Surigao del Norte are exploited by many miners, most of them are foreign investors.  Let us just hope that politicans will be able to see the future effects of this.  Their place is truly amazing, hoping again they will have the heart to preserve it, not only for them but for the future generations.




DSC_0787       The beauty of Caraga Region is truly unlimited, I cannot imagine seeing such a great and amazing God’s masterpiece before my eyes.  Honestly, the whole trip was kind of tiring because of a distant travel, but all the stress and pleasures from work and from the travel was vanished as we saw the whole island that truly left me speechless the whole island hoping.  Thanks God I was given the chance to see God’s perfect arts.


DSC_0831DSC_0893    Anyway, I got  lot of pictures for this blog and for the next blogs, I will surely showcase all of them.

DSC_0920DSC_1013DSC_1055DSC_1056DSC_1057DSC_0972DSC_1070DSC_0014DSC_0274Pebble Beach, with so sands at all.

DSC_0382 Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao del Sur

For my next blog, i will be writing about the an “Enchanted River” as they called it., but the moment i took my eyes on it, it was like owwww!!!it’s magical!

So watch out for my next blogs…Hope the next you plan your vacation, you will include in your list the Caraga Region.





It’s been a while since I wrote a blog.  There were many different experiences for the past months, yet, I cannot figured out what will be a subject that would interest me in some sort, something that could give me so much inspiration and learning.  Though, for every minute of my life, I learned to be mature and happy with the small things around.

Maybe, this is a sort of diary that I would love to write and share.  For number of times, I failed the bar exam, number of times I shed tears. Many times did I question the destiny, few people judged me according to what happened in my life.  Yet, I learned to stand, with the hope and faith, that at the end of every storm is a rainbow that would give me back the smile and hope.

There was a time I experienced the so called “quarter life crisis”, questioning myself if I am still at the denial stage, is lawyering is really meant for me, am I taking the right path or just making the road rocky for me.  Accordingly, the doubts that linger in my mind might be the result of the crisis that strikes me at that moment.

It took a while to be able to comprehend, accept and be at peace with my situation, I know this happens to everyone, in different forms, instead, I tried to know and accept all the opportunities in my life.  I was so excited to venture the things that I forgot to do and decided to pursue with the things I love and wish to do.

1.  For the past years, I focused in my law school, though I never regret any of it, still I wished I have done better with my life.


2.  I dreamt to take a vacation alone or with my family, I have no enough time and money to do it.. I still have always wanted to do it….. :-)

3.  I want to try photography, not just because my good friend is into it, but I guess, I want to capture every beautiful moments, landscape etc for my future generation..

4.  I want to have my own business and expand our family business as well…still pursuing it one at a time..


5.  Love to paint…and still wanted it as always.

1 2

3 4 5

Putting it all together, after more a year in my job, I realized :

1.  When life unexpectedly takes you in another direction, absorb wisdom and love (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).  Time to reassess and rethink my plans in life.

2.  I love my job, having been able to help people through my humble job means a lot to me, it’s priceless.  The more I am so eager to fulfill my dream, to be in a legal profession.


3.  I bought some brushes and oil paints and for almost eight months, I already finished almost four (4) oil painting on canvass…so fulfilling…

4.  One of the things I listed in my Bucketlist (which was published in this blog), is to be able to have my own Canon camera, it may not be as high-end and advanced as Canon 6d, 7d or 70d but at least i could have a better start as a beginner in photography, good investment for me though… J

5.  I took my family on short vacation, spent few bucks for them and it’s so rewarding to see them enjoying. (Planning to give them a surprise in the future).


Life is not just what happens to you, it is what you make of it.”

At the end, I thanked God for the blessings “in disguise” that came into my life, from those happenings and struggles I went through, I merged as a winner in standing up again and face the reality of life.  There are things in my life that turned into something I never expected to happened nor even envisioned in my wildest dream, but, slowly, the reasons behind the reason why I am here appeared to me.

No matter how much I plan my life according to what I think would make me happy and fulfilled, there is God who plans that are far better than anything I can dream of or envision.

Lastly, I wished and prayed that I could find my way to have a distinct voice as a writer, and be able to inspire people in different ways.  Let us attain our dreams and be happy!



AT 33 and Still “SINGLE”

Most often I encountered so many questions, from the early start of my work here in the PNP.  Part of the questions that was asked by a psychologist during my neuro oral interview was “Why are you still single?” “Are you a lesbian? I could not help but burst into laughter at that moment, I even thought I would loss my appointment.

Another man asked me why I am not yet married? Or am I already attached and have a common relationship with a guy here in Manila? and still many questions that I often encountered almost every day in the office, instead of giving them a hard look, I just simply shrugged my shoulders.  My age and my marital status are often brought up during small talks, and that is inevitable specially that I am surrounded with men-in-uniform.

Upon learning that I am already 33 years old and still single, they usually say maybe I am too picky with my choices of a guy, with the tone of their remarks, they seem so sorry for me.


People think, at my age and as a woman, I am too picky.  I find no reason why they usually make such assumption, and it seemed that they would like to imply that I am not anymore in the position to be overly picky because of my age.  But there are also some cool people, specially my real friends who would always tell me to take my time and enjoy life.  I understand that getting married and having kids ranked No.1 priority of each one’s life, and that marriage happens before 30 years old when our child-bearing abilities are at their prime. Honestly, I really never thought about it even before until recently, because, accordingly, it is the normal thing.  But who can define “normal” for anyone?

Just yesterday, my boss called me to his office, I thought there was a big issue concerning the office, much of my dismay he just asked about my love life.  Recently, I started praying again for the man of my life.  Now, at 33, and at the peak of the glaring issues of marriage, I realized that God often does not give what we want but what we need instead.  I am not trying to defend myself from the inevitable issue of being “single”, but, if I am meant to be married now, there should have series of prearranged events that would lead me to that. Maybe, I am just to be careful of the choices I am trying to make, after all, I really want to have it as a lifetime commitment, I really, really like the idea of being married but definitely I could not imagine myself settling for less.  There are lots of marriages that never ended up in a “happily ever after”.  Some people are miserably married, some are luckily married, while some are truly happily married.  And as of my age, and as of my personal view, I want to be married out of pure love and commitment.  I personally value commitment, love, respect and responsibility more than anything else than signing a piece of paper.  I want to go with the process of getting into love and commitment, because at the end is that what makes it beautiful and magical.  I simply want to do things for the right reason not because of the peer pressure.  After all, it’s not the people surrounding me who will suffer if my marriage failed, but it will always be “me”.  I just want to feel it right.  And what is right for me at this point, is to wait for the right moment when it will bound to happen, because if I am meant to be married, for sure, I would be.  And I personally believe in it.


October 15, Holiday.

I was so excited talking to my family because i sent money to take our kids to Jollibee.  After i ended the call, another text message i received telling me the worst news, my hometown, Bohol and the rest of the Central Visayas region was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

I turned the television.  There was no  news at that moment.  I was shaking, I thought of my family and friends. It was a horrible moment to me until i decided to turn my attention to the computer asking the Lord to tell me that all i have heard few minutes ago was all lie.

All the pains of the Boholanos, the traumas may not be healed easily, but I do believe, the dust will eventually settle and we will live the way we used to be.


The pictures below were taken by the Boholanos:



I grow up in this church, this is where i spend my Christmas…Our church make us of who we are now.  I remember every time i visit the place, i always dream to walk down the aisle of this church.  But time came, when the beloved church rubble into pieces and the facade turned into powder.  I could not help but cry.  I thought of making a blog, a  week ago, but it’s only up to now i was able to gather my strength to start my writing and dedicate a portion of my blog to my beloved province who suffered from too much devastation after a big earthquake that almost lost our hope.  But now, I believe we are going to stand again.  Our churches may have broken, but not our faith.

Accordingly, the Dauis church’s style was influenced by both Byzantine and Romanesque architecture. On its ceiling were frescoes painted by church artist Ray Francia in 1916.

Our beloved Dauis Church after the Earthquake:


Our province of Bohol is blest with centuries-old churches that we are proud of.  Through many stages of our lives, churches are always part of our lives.  Through the struggles we have, churches are our last refuge.  But our faith in God does not end upon the destruction of our churches.  Miracles happen every second, and we believe on it.


I hope the owners of  pictures will  forgive me from posting their captures in my  blog.

LOBOC CHURCH after the earthquake:


Loboc church is the second oldest church in Bohol built sometime in 17th century.


BACLAYON CHURCH, the “IMMACULATE CONCEPCION CHURCH in Baclayon, Bohol is the oldest in Bohol and second oldest in the Philippines:


(I will give credit to my uncle Ralph Castillo for this beautiful picture of Baclayon Church).  I know the  churches we have in Bohol cannot be restored the way we want it to be.  I owe to the next generations to have a glimpse of what we have before we loss the churches.

BACLAYON CHURCH after the earthquake:


LOON CHURCH , the “BIRHEN SA KASILAK CHURCH OR THE CHURCH OF LIGHT” in Loon, Bohol: (Before and after the earthquake):


So sad, but the Loon church rubble into pieces like powder, with the statute of Mamy Mary standing in the middle, for us Catholic devotees it is a miracle.  God is trying to tell us that He won’t leave us in pain.



TUBIGON CHURCH after the earthquake:




MARIBOJOC CHURCH after the earthquake:




LOAY CHURCH after the earthquake:


Churches were crumpled but not our faith in God.


                                                                         HELLO WORLD!

I read one of the famous blog just this afternoon and i feel like i want to make my own list also in my personal blog, going to myself, actually is a lot of fun.

PicArtia.com_Photo_Collage_hln4m30qHere are the most “LOVED”  things to do:


2. I love baking (a long time ago) and hopefully i will continue baking in the near future.

3. I love coffee, in fact i guess i am addicted to brewed coffee! (Is anyone could share your fave coffee to me? i certainly love to try)

4. I love shopping (kitchen utensils, furnitures and decorations).

5. I love myself more than, being positive and happy person!

6. My favorite months of the year are the months of March (when the flowers of the mahogany trees are starting to bloom! the smells makes me remember the haippy moments of my childhood) and of course August (our fiesta) and December (CHRISTMAS PARTY!).

7. I Love my family and friends.. and i always cherished every moments with them.

8. I love going to beach and wear two-piece swimsuit!

9.I love SEAFOODS!OYSTER AND LOBSTER! sea orchins and seaweeds.

10.I love going to the beach during low tides with my babies, INDAY CJ AND KUYA LAiWRENCE!

DSC0222411.I love reading, i cannot live with a book in my side, i love watching TV, i love writing and blogging.

12.I am a real foodie, i love going to restaurants specially the “eat-all you can” restaurants, try some new cuisine.  I hate junk foods.  I love home cook foods, and i always love my Papa Cinto’s ADOBO and BEEF STEAK.

13.I love the style of Kate Middleton and the looks of Thalia.

14.I extreme sports, going to adventures and take a vacation with my new friends.  But i dreamt and wished to take a vacation with the people i loved, specially with my family.

15.I love to be alone sometimes and have more time to do things i love like blogging and daydreaming (huh?!)

16.I love to make the whole house so clean.  I love to be surrounded with beautiful things.

17.As of this time, and aside from my hometown, i love spending my weekends in Tagaytay. I really love the breeze of the wind. (Heavenly!).

18.I love to practice driving (how i wish i would have enough courage to drive)

19.I love being at home and have a good afternoon snacks at https://www.facebook.com/farmcottagedresses.farmcottage?fref=ts.

20.I always dreamt to be a lawyer and soon i know i would be :-)

21.I love photography and still practicing it.

22.I love chocolate specially kitkat and those from European countires.

23.I am proud to be a Filipino.  I don’t care what other race think about us but i always love and proud to be a Filipino.

24.I love talking and helping my clients.

25. I simply love being me!

Hope you too have your own lists. It’s fun! Try it!